What is a “Theatre Mine?”

We conceived of The Theatre Mine shortly after we said goodbye to Mollie Mook-Fiddler back in 2016. As an organization, we exist to advance joyful creative collaboration in Silverton and beyond by partnering with professional, amateur and aspiring artists, local businesses, other arts organizations. We seek to engage, enrich, and inspire through theatrical exploration and public presentations, especially of new …

Durango Herald on New Play Development in the Region

Judith Reynolds of The Durango Herald discusses new play incubators: Creede Rep, The Silverton Theatre Mine, and Durango Playfest. https://durangoherald.com/articles/234837-durango-playfest-is-newest-addition-to-regions-stagedreading-circuit

Durango Herald introduces The Theatre Mine

Judith Reynolds of The Durango Herald discusses The Theatre Mine’s continuance of the legacy of Mollie Mook-Fiddler and the tradition of new play development in Silverton, Colorado. https://durangoherald.com/articles/226617-silverton-launches-innovative-new-play-festival

The Silverton Theatre Mine Announces Summer Youth Playwrights Project

The Theatre Mine Summer Youth Playwrights Project brings professional playwrights from around the Four Corners region and the United States into Silverton to work with 8 to 10 Silverton youths wishing to explore and investigate the practices and ways of writing for the stage. The 2018 Summer Youth Playwrights Project will be coordinated by guest artist Lauren Berkman, who will also …

Why Did We Create The Theatre Mine?

The Silverton Theatre Mine presents its inaugural event, The 2018 Mollie Mook-Fiddler New Plays Festival in Silverton, Colorado. June 5-10, 2018 Event Details